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Object Storage ALPHA BETA

The Object Storage is scalable large-volume based on REST API, provided for the purpose of backups, media, and file servers.

Main Features
  • Apply as much as you want to use and easily scale up without limits, with no need to secure unused volume in advance.
  • Disperse files to many different hardware and save in duplicates, so as to ensure data stability.
  • Connect one storage from many instances all at once, to share data.
  • Conveniently upload and download files, using REST API.
  • Provide directory-like containers and use them just like local disks.
  • Provide REST APIs.
  • Get an access URL along with file uploaded to a storage, so as to access files with ease and convenience.
Recommended Usages
  • There is a need for a storage which is accessible on the internet.
  • Volume of data is expected to gradually increase.
  • Difficult to predict storage usage volume due to scheduled release of a new service.
  • Large-volume storage is required only during specific periods.
(VAT not included)
Storage Volume-Accumulated Usage Time per 10GB0.4 Won/Hour
Network Transfer VolumeBelow 1GBFree0 Won
1GB or HigherPer 1GB100 Won
  • The storage pricing does not include network costs: network costs shall be charged according to the network pricing policy.
  • The network transfer volume incurred at a storage is based on the accumulated volume of outbound network transfer that is measured by a hypervisor management tool of an instance.
  • If the transfer volume of international network occurred at a user server is more than 5% of total network volume or larger than 20MB, consultation on additional charges may be required or international transfer could be limited.
  • TOAST is obliged to notify users of network restriction beforehand, but not responsible for potential damage that may incur when user was not notified due to unavailable or invalid contact information.
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