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Block Storage ALPHA BETA

Block Storage is a block-level storage that can be assigned to instances.
It can be easily copied and assigned to various types of instances.

Main Features
  • Store data even after an instance is deleted.
  • Secure additional disk space.
  • Using snapshot, save and restore block storage status of a specific time.
  • Undo connection of a Block Storage to an instance and re-connect it to another instance.
  • Create a snapshot to copy a Block Storage.
(VAT not included)
a general-purpose HDD-Accumulated Usage Time per 10GB1.4 Won/Hour
a general-purpose SSD-1.6 Won/Hour
u2 storage2,000 or Lower1 Won/Hour
i2 storage10,000~20,000(Qos Guaranteed)1.8 Won/Hour
  • 1GB = 1024^3bytes.
  • For a general-purpose HDD, size can be specified up to 1,000GB. However, the minimum size may depend on the selected OS image.
  • To use u2 storage and i2 storage, refer to the following service policy:
    • Local disk is provided, and data may not be restored if error occurs at hardware: it is recommended to back up or duplicate data.
    • Once created, an instance is used only as a root volume (installation space for OS) and the size cannot be modified.
    • u2 storage is assigned with fixed size (u2.nano: 20GB, u2.micro: 20GB, u2.small: 50GB, u2.medium: 50GB, u2.large: 100GB), depending on the flavor.
    • i2 storage is provided in either 300GB or 600GB.
  • It is recommended to use a general-purpose HDD to save important data or install a program.
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