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Highly reliable and stable backups are provided.

Main Features
  • Optimized to the virtual environment.
  • Perform the backups that have increased after initial backup of the entire data only, so as to save time and efficiently manage backup volume.
  • Highly secure as backup data are encrypted before they are transferred.
  • Allow convenient non-stop backups.
  • Support both Linux and Windows OS.
  • Register backup policy and retrieve backup history easily on the web.
  • Provide user-defined backup policy that can setup the cycle and hour of backups.
  • Apply EMC Avamar solution that ensures high reliability, availability, and stability.
Recommended Usages
  • There is a need to remotely store important data.
  • You want to protect your data asset from ransomware, and etc.
  • Business continuity needs to be secured from internal/external threats.
  • Make sure to note the following to verify backup data:
    • Go to [TOAST > Console > Storage > Backup > Backup Route] to confirm whether backup is successful.
    • To verify backup data, request for restoration can be applied once every month, and when there is no request, backup data are considered to coincide with the original data.
    • In case backup or restored data are different from original data, it is required to immediately send a request in writing to the company; otherwise, users are deemed to agree to backup results and that backup data coincide with original data.
  • Restoration job is performed only during business hours (10 am to 6 pm, weekdays) by persons in charge.
(VAT not included)
Basic Price-Monthly Fixed ChargesStorage 100GB, 2 Server25,000 Won/Month
Storage Volume100GB or HigherAccumulated Usage Time per 10GB-3 Won/Hour
Number of InstancesOver 2Monthly Fixed Charges per 1 unit-4,000 Won/Month
  • The default pricing includes charges for 100GB-volume storage and 2 servers. The Pay-as-you-go system shall be applied when data usage exceeds default volume.
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