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Security Monitoring ALPHA BETA

Based on the responsive management system for IDS/SIEM patterns and threats, accumulated and verified for years, NHN Entertainment provides high-level security monitoring service.

Main Features
  • Provide security monitoring service at a controlled security center.
  • Save costs as professionals provide 24/7 analysis and operating services on security monitoring.
  • Provide next-generation remote security monitoring services that are no inferior to in-person service.
  • Check history of service performance via console in real time.
  • Detect Intrusion
    • Support 24/7 security monitoring and sophisticated detection pattern of IDS/SIEM relevancy.
  • Analyze Intrusion
    • Perform in-depth analysis by using raw event data and packet dumps.
    • Apply our own security monitoring methodology to detect and classify threats right from wrong, and perform influence testing.
  • Respond to Intrusion
    • Provide and transmit information on identified weaknesses.
    • Provide information on the route and weakness of intrusion in transmission and network.
    • Perform follow-up responsive measures, like packet dumps, and support analysis.
    • When intrusion is confirmed, block the intrusion IP beforehand.
  • Prevent Intrusion
    • Collect external data on a regular basis to create detection patterns for potential threats.
    • Optimize patterns for error factors in real-time response to events, such as excessively false detection.
  • Provide Information
    • IDS 실시간 침입탐지 이벤트 현황을 그래프로 제공합니다.
    • Provide monitoring service status via console through the security control workflow system.
(VAT not included)
InstanceAccumulated Usage Time97 Won/Hour
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