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Security Check ALPHA BETA

Security Check checks weakness in security for new or operating applications and provides responsive measures to deal with weaknesses.

Main Features
  • Check security weaknesses in advance and provide responsive measures, so as to secure service stability and remove potential weaknesses.
  • Deal with security weaknesses beforehand to save maintenance costs.
  • Provide customers with stable services so as to contribute to improving corporate image.
  • Support services with various work experiences and expertise.
  • Provide high-quality services by using manual (by checklists) and automatic (by analysis tools) checks.
  • Respond to weaknesses with fundamental measures and provide sample codes.
Recommended Usages
  • Security check is required for new applications before release.
  • Security check is required for applications under operations.
  • Security measures are required to deal with hackings.
  • Reports on security check results are saved for a month.
(VAT not included)
Web Application (Basic)Per Domain500,000 Won
Web Application (Advanced)Date of Inspection (M/M)Contact Professional Engineers
Mobile App (Advanced)
  • Charges are calculated by M/M required for the number of game services and URL.
  • Migration check is supported only once, within a month after initial check is completed.
  • To apply for service re-checks, contact administration.
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