TOAST Service is currently optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.


Our service includes detecting malicious codes distributed to or abused by other sites through website hacking, and providing responsive measures.

Main Features
  • Detect and provide information of malicious codes inserted into website to help improve service stability.
  • Enable speedy reaction to inserted malicious codes so as to prevent further damage.
  • Contribute to improving corporate image by providing customers with stable service.
  • Support for manual analysis by professional engineers with various work experience and expertise.
  • Support the Non-Agent method which does not affect customer’s environment while providing services.
  • Decide maliciousness with the help of the analysis engine and blacklist.
Recommended Usages
  • Security tightening is required on a new or operating web site.
  • Security measures are in need due to hackings.
  • Data is stored for three months after service is disabled.
Mal-URL Detector is provided free-or-charge during the alpha period.
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