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DBSafer executes access control and authority control of personal information database, and SQL inspection and logging.
By controlling system access by user and integrating with work history inspection, information leakage is prevented from personal information database and server.

Main Features
  • Provide responsive functions to law and regulations relevant to information security, such as Personal Information Protection Act and Standards for Securing Stability of Personal Information.
  • Safely protect data from internal/external mistakes and malicious access by providing various authentication and block functions.
  • Process necessary security functions, such as scaled access and authority control, without functional degradation.
  • Control access and authority for all behavior performed in database and systems where important personal information is stored.
  • Monitor and control users in real time.
  • Provide the functions, such as multiple monitoring and video play.
  • Hide important data, like personal information, when retrieving results.
  • Hide data when transferring files of customer information via FTP.
  • Provide 2-factor authentication for ID and password, user authentication and mail for ID and MAC address, SMS, and OTP.
  • Provide encrypted communication between user and security server.
  • Provide payment function for user access and command words.
  • Deliver output of logged inspection data on a report.
  • Support various conversion formats to external data: PDF, XLS, PPT, HTML, CSV, TXT, JPG, and HWP.
(VAT not included)
vCPUAccumulated daily usage per 2vCPU4,000 Won/Day
  • Costs for a total of one vCPU equals to those for two 2 vCPUs.
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