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AppGuard helps to prevent application code manipulation.

Main Features
  • Block code manipulation from the root stage.
  • Detect and ban various fabricating tools by pattern or acts that are hard to bypass.
  • Check information detected by AppGuard via console so as to provide cause for banning.
  • Provide powerful app protection with handy integration and easy app protection.
  • Currently in use for about 150 services, including game, shopping, and simple payment, as a protective measure against abusive acts or application manipulation.
ItemFunctionAndroid (2.3 or higher)iOS (5.1 or higher)
SecurityDetect execution of cheating toolsOO
Detect execution of rooting or jailbreakingOO
Detect code fabricationOO
Detect debugging of protected appsOO
Detect fabrication of signature or modulesO
Detect emulationO
Detect speed hackO
Encrypt DEX FilesO
Encrypt game execution files (Unit3D, Cocos2d-x)O
Detection Log StatisticsProvide statistics via consoleOO
Provide statistical report (CSV)OO
(VAT not included)
Monthly Active Users (MAU) for Android/iOSPer 1MAU15 won
  • AppGuard is provided free-of-charge for iOS devices only, during the beta period.
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