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Cloud Search ALPHA BETA

Cloud Search complements shortcomings of DBMS search and information search.

Search, in general terms, refers to the activities of finding meaningful information, out of countless accumulated information. It is classified into information retrieval and DBMS search, each with different features as described below. The method of search depends on the service characteristics, but difficulty still lies in getting technology in implementing servers, and developing/operating platforms. In Cloud Search, such difficulties can be resolved, with console setting for several options before API call is made. In addition, provided at a reasonable cost, Cloud Search can satisfy your needs, along with its quality service.

Information Search vs. DBMS Search
Information SearchDBMS Search
  • Search by queries
  • Original documents are mostly asymmetrical.
  • Can search in details by analyzing search words and morpheme of the original document.
  • Access to implementing a search server is difficult.
  • Search by SQL inquiries.
  • Original data are symmetrical in structure.
  • Can search data that precisely include search words, only.
  • More accessible than implementing and operating a new search server.
Main Features
  • Provide the morpheme analyzer for Korean, made by Korea’s first natural-language processing technology.
  • No need to build or operate an additional server or platform to search, as the service is provided in the Cloud-type: just call index API or search API to implement high-quality search service.
  • Ensure service stability with redundancy.
Recommended Usages
  • Content search is wanted with more accuracy.
  • Search of frequently-updated content is wanted.
  • Speedy search is hard to achieve from the search of database for large-volume original documents.
  • Performance is low even with DBMS query tuning.
  • Search results are difficult to get only with Likes of DBMS queries.
  • Fine filtering or alignment is wanted from search results.
  • Service quality wants to be upgraded with precise search results.
  • User satisfaction and inflow need to grow with higher search quality.
(VAT not included)
DomainAccumulated Usage Time per 170 Won/Hour
IndexingPer 1MB10 Won
ReindexingPer 1MB10 Won
DataAccumulated Usage Time per 1MB0.03 Won/Hour
QueryPer Case0.2 Won
Network Transfer VolumePer 1MB2 Won
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