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Address Search ALPHA BETA

Search APIs are provided to easily search by road or land-lot number.

Main Features
  • Search by road, land-lot number, and building name, all at once.
  • No need to select a region or search type.
  • No need to implement or manage database of road name addresses.
  • Check old or new zip codes, road name address, land-lot number address, and English addresses.
  • Update address database provided by Ministry of the Interior and Safety, on a daily basis.
  • Easy to use on various platforms as REST APIs are provided.
(VAT not included)
API CallsBelow 100,000 callsFree0 Won
100,000 or more callsPer Call0.04 Won
  • Prices are calculated by accumulated API calls and storage usage capacity of Log & Crash Search, Leaderboard IAP, Launching, and Address Search.
  • Prices for API calls are calculated on the accumulated monthly usage volume.
  • However, if the accumulated monthly call is less than 100,000 calls with lower than 1GB-storage usage, charges shall not be levied.
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