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The SMS delivery system is responsible for SMS/MMS delivery, delivery on reservation, search, and template management. REST API is provided for easy integration.

Main Features
  • Enter the list of recipients in excel and deliver SMS in large quantities.
  • Deliver messages at a time of choice.
  • Deliver personalized SMS per recipient by using substitution tags.
  • Register frequently-used message as a template.
  • Provide the message delivery and search REST API functions that are applicable on a customer’s app.
(VAT not included)
SMSPer Delivery9.9 Won
LMS30 Won
MMS100 Won
International SMS100 Won
080 Call-RejectAccumulated Usage Time42 Won/Hour
  • SMS refers to a simple-text message shorter than 90 bytes; LMS is a long-text message shorter than 2,000 bytes; MMS is a message attached with multimedia files (such as photo, colorticon, or background music); and international SMS is a message that is delivered to outside of Korea.
  • Pricing of the 080 Call-Reject include charges for the service use, basic circuit use, and phone calls.
  • However, if phone call charges exceed the monthly rate (30,240 won), additional phone bill may be charged.
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