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Load Balancer ALPHA BETA

Load Balancer network disperses traffic of large volume.

Main Features
  • Disperse network traffic into many instances.
  • Automatically detect malfunctioning instances to disperse network traffic.
  • Service many ports with one Load Balancer.
  • Apply various algorithms for load balancing.
  • Support HTTP/TCP.
  • Apply health checks.
  • Support session persistence.
  • Add or delete instances to Load Balancer that is created.
  • Load Balancer에서 HTTPS를 종료하고 인스턴스와는 HTTP로 통신하여 인스턴스 부하를 줄일 수 있습니다.
(VAT not included)
Type Criteria Price
일반 Load Balancer Accumulated Usage Time per 1 Unit 20 Won/Hour
전용 Load Balancer 월 정액 과금 420,000원/30일
  • Load Balancer is a software-type load balancing service.
  • Load Balancer pricing does not include network costs: network costs shall be charged according to the network pricing policy.
  • '전용 Load Balancer'를 선택하면 48만 개의 동시 세션을 지원하는 로드 밸런서를 사용할 수 있습니다.
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