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The Managed service is provided by professional engineers for stable service management from implementation to operation and backups.
Even if you may not be staffed with IT experts, immediate response can be taken for an error and resources at use can be maintained at a stable level.

Main Features
  • Support technology in web, DB, FTP installation, and setup by professional engineers.
  • Immediately take responsive measures against errors.
  • Configure a default security setting to manage service at a stable level.
  • Provide professional reporting service across the system, including basic data, system history, resources, traffic, and errors.
Recommended Usages
  • Support of professionals is required.
  • Service operation by internal staff is difficult to maintain.
  • Professional and systematic management is required.
SLA(Service Level Agreement)
Service Level
TypeMeasurement TimeResponse TimeMonthly Availability
WeekdaysWeekends (Holidays)
System Monitoring00:00~24:0000:00~24:00-99.9%
Customer Response10:00~18:00-Within 4 hours95%
Technical Support10:00~18:00-TBDTBD
※ Cases below are not included to the time of measurement for service level:
  • Suspension time of information system operation as previously agreed between the service user and the provider.
    • Time required for maintenance of information system, such as system software update and scheduled change in information system.
  • Time of errors occurred out of the service provider’s control, when:
    • The user failed to previously notify the service provider of measures to take, like change in information system.
    • They are out of the scope of duty and role of the service provider.
    • It is not clear whether the scope of error belongs to the provider or the user.
    • They are due to natural disasters or corresponding state emergencies.
  • For system monitoring, support system resources monitoring and traffic-error monitoring.
  • For technical support, the support is confined to the scope of agreement, such as basic programs like server OS and DB, and network.
  • Do not support items related to web site development, including source code of homepage or data modification.
  • Holidays refer to Saturdays/Sundays, public holidays, and ad-hoc holidays set by other ordinances.
ClassificationTypeService ItemManaged BasicManaged Pro
System ManagementConsoleImplement Cloud Infrastructure-O
Support Changes in Certified IP SettingOO
Support Adding/Setting StorageOO
Support Load Balancing SettingOO
Technical SupportAPM InstallationInstall APM of YumOO
Install APM of Source-O
ModuleInstall and Set Additional Modules-O
WebSet Domain, Additional SupportOO
Check and Respond to Web Errors-O
DB Web Error Checks and MeasuresSupport DB Setting and Account SettingOO
Check and Respond to DB Errors-O
FTPInstall and Set FTP Servers (if requested)OO
Check and Respond to FTP Server Errors-O
MailInstall Mail Server, Add Accounts (if requested)OO
Check and Respond to Mail Server Errors-O
DNSInstall and Set DNS (if requested)-O
Check and Respond to Internal DNS Errors-O
SecuritySecurity SettingDefault Security Setting (disable services not requiring authority)-O
Support iptables SettingOO
Web FirewallSupport for Installing Firewall (ModSecurity)-O
Backup/RestorationLocal BackupsSupport for Local Backup Setting (additional disk is required)-O
Restore Local Backups (Data integrity is not a target of management)-O
ReportReportsProfessional Reporting Service Across the System, including Basic Data, System History and Resources, Traffic, and Errors.-O
MonitoringMonitoringProvide Monitoring (when customer agrees)-O
OthersAdditional Requests other than Service Items-TBD
Criteria of ChargingMonthly fixed charges per instance
Charged Amount (Won/Unit)100,000 Won/Month200,000 Won/Month
  • The service, as a fixed monthly basis, is charged by the number of instances applied.
  • For the use of Managed Service, contact Customer Center.
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