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TCC, or TOAST Cloud Center, is urban internet data center, designed and established in Pangyo, Gyeonggi, Korea, on its own technology of TOAST.

TCC is built in Pangyo Techno Valley, which is the center of Korea’s IT innovation.
Located within 5 minute-walk from nearby office areas and even accessible from central Seoul where Disaster Recovery Center (DR Center) could be established.
Network-Neutral Data Center
User can freely select a network provider for internet circuits and dedicated lines.
Highly-concentrated Operating Environment
Applies highly-concentrated racks, on the average of 40A (based on 8.8kW/ 220V), to save usage volume of raised floor, as opposed to other data centers.
Provides a sufficient amount of electricity and air-conditioning to create public or private cloud computing environment.
Green Energy
Introduced Korea’s first (patent registered) indirect evaporative cooling system, which is similar to the method of maintaining temperature of human body, to save energy loss and prevent damages from external pollution and humidity.
Air-conditioning facilities are separately configured at each server room so as to individually set operating conditions, like temperature and humidity.
Conditions are rigidly managed in accordance with class1 as recommended by ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).
High Reliability
Satisfies Tier III standards and Tier IV for some parts.
Electricity is configured redundantly in East-Pangyo and West-Pangyo area, using dedicated lines, so as to improve the stability level.
Improved Operational Convenience
No need to consider distributing equipment loads, because raised floors do not exist.
Use of racks with flexible width allows the installation of Open Compute Project (OCP) servers and standard 19 inch-equipment. Network is additionally configured for remote operations, so as to minimize in-person visits to data centers.
For more information, visit the TCC Website.
To use the TCC service, contact Customer Center.
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