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Smart Downloader ALPHA BETA

With Smart Downloader, resources can be efficiently downloaded, while the download statistical data are collected to provide various information for game development.

Main Features
  • Download resources efficiently as network bandwidth is based on multithreading and applied for each environment.
  • Download updated list of files only after initial download.
  • Provide various statistical data of game downloads (such as success/failure of downloads, download statistics by country/device/OS, and etc.).
  • Simplify download and update implementation.
Related Services
(VAT not included)
Type Target Criteria Default Price
Basic Price Basic Type Accumulated Usage Time 2 Services, 1GB-Storage 139 Won/Hour
Connection Type with External CDNs 694 Won/Hour
Number of Services Over 2 Accumulated Usage Time per Service - 70 Won/Hour
Storage Volume Over 1GB Accumulated Usage Time per 1GB - 0.15 Won/Hour
CDN - Per 1GB of In-Korea Transfer - 90 Won
- Per 1GB of International Transfer - 160 Won
  • Basic Type is applied for CDN provided by Smart Downloader, and it abides by the TOAST CDN service policy.
  • When service is registered and build is updated, basic price of basic type shall be charged, even before CDN is integrated.
  • Basic Price includes prices for 2 services and 1GB-storage. The pay-as-you-go system shall apply when default volume exceeds.
  • CDN is not included to the basic price and the pay-as-you-go system shall apply.
  • When both Basic Type and Connection Type are used, charges shall apply for the latter.
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