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Launching ALPHA BETA

Launching provides the launching management service required to service the mobile app.
With the launching management service, information required to start an app can be applied in real time so that operation is available without app deployment.

Main Features
  • Manage service information.
  • Provide, when starting a client, server address, version for notice, download URL, and URL for notice.
  • Allow dynamic change of setting without client redeployment.
Recommended Usages
  • Upgrade of app version is required frequently after a game is released.
  • Notice needs to be delivered to an app.
(VAT not included)
API CallsBelow 100,000 callsFree0 Won
100,000 or more callsPer Call0.04 Won
  • Prices are calculated by accumulated API calls and storage usage capacity of Log & Crash Search, Leaderboard IAP, Launching, and Address Search.
  • Prices for API calls are calculated on the accumulated monthly usage volume.
  • However, if the accumulated monthly call is less than 100,000 calls with lower than 1GB-storage usage, charges shall not be levied.
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