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Gamebase supports developing games with ease and efficiency by providing commonly-required game functions.
Game developers can focus on developing game content only, while Gamebase provides all the other services.

Main Features
  • Provide common game functions via integrated SDK.
  • Provide many authentication methods of guest and 3rd parties (such as Google, Facebook, and Game Center) on a single interface.
  • Provide operating indicators (DAU, MCU, and Payment Amount) that are useful in the game industry.
  • Support for easy use of the TOAST Service (IAP, Push, Leaderboard, and AppGuard) required for a game.
SLA(Service Level Agreement)
In case the Gamebase authentication service cannot be properly provided, at the responsibility of the company, damages shall be paid as below.
Monthly AvailabilityDamages
Over 99.0% but below 99.95%10% of three-month average usage costs
Over 95.0% but below 99%25% of three-month average usage costs
Below 95.0%50% of three-month average usage costs
※ Cases below are not included to time of measurement for service level:
  • Suspension time of Gamebase as previously agreed between the service user and the provider:
    • Time required for maintenance of Gambase, such as system software update and scheduled change in Gamebase
  • Time of errors occurred out of the service provider’s control, when:
    • The user failed to previously notify the service provider of measures to take, like change in information system.
    • They are out of the scope of duty and role of the service provider, such as error in the external service providing OAuth authentication.
    • It is not clear whether the scope of error belongs to the provider or the user.
    • They are due to natural disasters or corresponding state emergencies.
Related Services
(VAT not included)
DAUAccumulated monthly usage per DAU18 Won
  • The pricing is based on accumulated DAU (Daily Active User) of the month.
  • The Gamebase price includes charges for Push, IAP, and Leaderboard, except AppGuard.
  • If you want to use the Gamsebase service, it is required to contact Customer Center first.
  • Otherwise, additional charges may be levied on the use of Push, IAP, or Leaderboard.
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