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The ERP-based electronic approval service is provided to elevate efficiency of the work environment.

Speedy and Effective Decision Making
Workflow notifies users of real-time status of an approval process via notification.
The person-in-charge checks approval requests, leaves memos, deals with his works, and may flexibly change steps of approval.
Workflow, as a reflection of on-site experience, supports speedy decision making.
Standard or As-you-want Approval Format
Having difficulties in organizing your approval system? With the standard approval format of Workflow, it gets easy now.
If there is no format that suits your needs, freely create one as you want (preparing).
ERP-based Electronic Approval System
Workflow’s electronic approval system precisely reflects data.
Workflow provides an efficient work environment that closely connects HR and finance functions of ERP.
Approved data are immediately reflected to ERP, with no errors, and therefore are safe.
Using Workflow, you can experience the highest ERP effects.
To use the ERP service, contact Customer Center.
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