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Human Resources ALPHA BETA

An easy and convenient Human Resources system is provided to effectively manage human resources.

Member’s Own Application and Processing of HR Tasks
Human Resources provides HR formats that anyone can easily apply for, as well as automated settlement.
There is no need to apply for leaves of absence, duty, or business trips by mail, or manually process them.
The automated HR service supports for easier task for managers, and convenience for employees.
Handy Retrieval of Diligence Status and HR Statistics
Provides diligence status for efficient HR management and necessary HR statistical data.
Team managers can retrieve their members’ status of diligence by period, while HR managers can retrieve and download in excel staffing and diligence statistics of all employees, as well as change history of HR data.
Easy and Convenient Corporate HR Management
HR managers can set and manage HR criteria for personal information, appointment, payroll, diligence status, personal events, and etc. without the support of developers.
Such criteria entered by HR managers are completely integrated to a system, to automate HR and finance formats.
To use the ERP service, contact Customer Center.
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