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A financial accounting system regarding solutions to accounting is provided.

No more imperfect ERPs! Enjoy 100% Computerized Accounting Solutions
Not satisfied with your ERP system due to shortages and uneven processes?
Finance supports complete computerization of many accounting jobs from a to z; from budget planning, fund execution, cost processing, creating statements, to reporting electronic tax invoices.
Transparent and Safe Accounting
Finance supports close integration with Workflow to enable transparent decision-making and flawless work processing.
It also provides segmented authority management for safe accounting and response to restrictions.
Finance can also safely record and check accounting processes, evidence, and change history.
Easy Management Even with Many Accounts
Having only one person in charge of many accounts? With Finance, that’s not a problem.
With different colors applied for different accounts, identification becomes easy; conversion is also easy, only with a click.
Small but convenient tips are provided to save time and reduce mistakes.
To use the ERP service, contact Customer Center.
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