TOAST Service is currently optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.


The issue tracker is easy and open to anyone, and all tasks required for collaboration can be done at once.
Dooray! Project to conveniently manage works of all levels, including private, team, and project.

Easy Issue Tracker
Provide familiar UIs and usability to easily register and manage tasks.
Manage tasks with completion date and milestones, and easily classified by tags.
Search for the tasks you need, with the filtering and search functions.
Convenient Functions
Track down tasks of each member by specifying many persons of responsibility or reference.
Easily specify persons with responsibility or for reference, by using @mention to replies to each task; HTML, Markdown, WYSIWYG editor and translation for tasks are provided.
Integration with Polaris Office
With Polaris Office integration, feel free to edit a wide variety of attachments that are registered for a task.
Check and edit documents via Polaris Office, not only on PCs but mobile apps.
Collaboration with External Members
Share tasks and collaborate with external members who are not Dooray! members.
To continue collaboration, invite them as guests and share/collaborate partially.
For more information, visit the Dooray! Website.
TOAST Dooray! Is currently under OBT (Open Beta Test), during which organizations with less than 25 members can use the service free-of-charge.
For those with more than 26 members, contact Customer Center.
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