TOAST Service is currently optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Messenger ALPHA BETA

Messenger supports optimized functions for collaboration, such as real-time translation, search and collective views.
Many collaboration tools can be applied to Messenger.

Support of @mention and Collective Views
Instantly check the messages with @mentions of me out of tons of messages, and search past messages by type, like file, link or mention.
Real-time Translation for Global Collaboration
Automatically translate your messages that are entered in your counterpart’s language.
Serve as an effective global collaboration tool for companies using different languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.
Variety of Collaboration Tools Connected
Get notifications of Dooray! Project, Mail, and Calendar on Messenger.
Support integration with GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and IFTTT, and apply hooks to scale up to other services.
Create a variety of commands to be applied in a chat room (TBD).
Smart Notifications
Send push notifications to mobile apps when PC is not occupied, to help user to stay more focused in work.
Configure the setting of mobile app to receive only the notifications of messages that have @mentions of me.
For more information, visit the Dooray! Website.
TOAST Dooray! Is currently under OBT (Open Beta Test), during which organizations with less than 25 members can use the service free-of-charge.
For those with more than 26 members, contact Customer Center.
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