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In addition to your own drive, a project drive is provided for members to save and manage files together.
All members can access recently-updated files, and files remain after members withdraw so as to prevent loss of data.

Useful Management of Project Deliverables
Create a drive for each project to manage member files at one location.
Gather files saved on pc or my drive to a project drive in order to manage important data and project deliverables.
Up-to-date Files and Data Loss Prevention
Allow all members to save and manage files to keep files up-to-dated and access them.
Files remain in the drive even when a member withdraws, so as to prevent data loss.
History of File Change
Allow any project member to read and write, delete or restore files.
Provide change history of files and folders so that members cooperate in tracking down file changes.
However, only a project manager can delete files permanently so as to prevent any data loss.
For more information, visit the Dooray! Website.
TOAST Dooray! Is currently under OBT (Open Beta Test), during which organizations with less than 25 members can use the service free-of-charge.
For those with more than 26 members, contact Customer Center.
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