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Dooray! Contacts helps to easily register and manage contact information.
Integrated with Dooray! Mail, this service provides recently-used addresses and is applied on the contact list.

Search of Contacts
Search for name, mail, phone number, department in company, URL, and memos that are saved in Contacts.
You don’t need to memorize because it’s easy to find contact information.
Import/Export Contacts
Save your own contact information in the vCard format and import them to Dooray! Contacts; or, export Dooray! Contacts in the Google CSV or vCard formats.
Experience an easy means of contact registration and management.
Recently-communicated Addresses
Mail addresses that are recently communicated are automatically collected in Dooray! Contacts and provided on a list.
Try Contacts to add and manage your recently-communicated addresses.
For your convenience, contacts on the list and recently-used addresses are displayed with automatic completion to mail recipients and reference.
For more information, visit the Dooray! Website.
TOAST Dooray! Is currently under OBT (Open Beta Test), during which organizations with less than 25 members can use the service free-of-charge.
For those with more than 26 members, contact Customer Center.
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