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Dooray! Calendar manages personal as well as project schedule all at once.
Supported by Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) Read/Write functions, like no other in Korea, you can collect and view scheduling information of many calendars.

Korea’s Only CalDAV Read/Write Functions
Support Read, Create, and Modify CalDAV Schedules.
Check Dooray! Calendar schedule in various calendar clients and confirm schedules registered in many calendars, with the support of CalDAV.
Calendar Share and Delegation
Share your calendar with members of choice to check registered schedule.
Manage calendar with different setting of share authority for each member.
Share and delegate basic calendar with members you choose.
Integration of Project Schedule
Manage schedule of projects of my participation.
Provide project milestones, with my tasks and all tasks to calendar by completion date, so as to check personal schedule and tasks all at once.
For more information, visit the Dooray! Website.
TOAST Dooray! Is currently under OBT (Open Beta Test), during which organizations with less than 25 members can use the service free-of-charge.
For those with more than 26 members, contact Customer Center.
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