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When many number of operators process a variety of corporate services all at once, requests can be assigned by service feature, and mail layout setting and template management are provided for each service.

Receipt and Distribution
Specify managers for each service type, and process distribution, redistribution, and return of requests in real time so that call response can be flexible according to size and situation.
Various Processing
Classify spams or redundant questions; deal with requests as per service processing status, like general answers, partial answers, common answers, transfer of questions, or internal execution.
With QnA (issue delivery service) integration, users can check guides and get answers fast.
Professional Management
Check processing time from questions received to answers provided, and collect customer information so as to identify their needs at a faster pace. Other professional management functions include status of answering, setting of mail layout, satisfaction level, and steep increase/decrease of questions.
The Call service manages call/mail contact history altogether to maximize efficiency in the customer service.
Support of Multiple Languages
Support four languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.
To use the Contact Center service, contact Customer Center.
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