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Customers can quickly find responses to their questions by browsing through frequently-asked questions and answers that are registered.

Specify a domain of each service, when a company owns a multiple number of customer centers in many countries or locations.
Manage FAQs of a company by type, and provide many details of a category to enable easy management and search.
User Groups
Classify users into three groups: admin, manager, and agent. Admins own all authorities; domain managers can manage all domain-related tasks, while category managers can only modify categories. Agent can create FAQs for his categories and service categories.
Display, hide, or delete FAQs on the web, while they are created. Set time to execute tasks as scheduled.
Satisfaction Configuration
Provide FAQ satisfaction template to get evaluation on whether your FAQs have resolved customer inquiries. Such evaluation can be useful in improving service quality and counseling management.
To use the Contact Center service, contact Customer Center.
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