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TOAST Call can upgrade the value of your company with its professional management functions, when you need to manage a large number of operators to process service requests, or when more strategic call center operation is required due to change or expansion of service lineups.

Sophisticated IPCC Service
Provide sophisticated Internet Protocol Contact Center (IPCC) services, depending on the customer level or service, including routing strategy designs, scenarios by condition (work hours, callbacks, etc.), registration and application of emergency commentary, and TTS services.
Consulting Application with Various Functions
  • Provide strategic softphone functions (make/receive calls, forward calls, manage status, show processing status) on application.
  • Provide functions to upgrade service quality, such as management of unregistered contact history, callbacks, and management of difficult customers.
  • Check guides in connection with QnA (issue delivery service) and enable fast responses.
  • Connect to mailing service to allow integrated management by contact history via call and mail.
Call Center Operations at Optimized Costs
Cloud-based infrastructure allows to receive services fast, only with a pc (phone to be provided) without additional equipment.
Statistics & Monitoring
With the bulletin and real-time monitoring administration tool, you can easily find the status of inflow and processing; with a variety of indexes for contact center operations, corporate service level can be effectively managed.
To use the Contact Center service, contact Customer Center.
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