TOAST Service is currently optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.


RTCS supports for real-time message communication between service and users on the web or mobile, based on Socket.IO.
By using various client libraries of Socket.IO, it becomes easy to develop real-time sports broadcasting system, cooperation tools, multiplayer games, chatting, and real-time dashboard.

Main Features
  • Support message delivery by channel, like chatting room.
  • Allow only accessible users to receive messages, as security channel is applied through the service authentication procedure.
  • Support various browsers and native client libraries.
  • Develop multi-play games as Unity3d is supported.
  • Use Web browsers for which Websocket is not supported.
  • Support both security channels via service authentication and open channels requiring no authentication.
  • Support many client libraries, such as JavaScript, JAVA, Swift, C++, and Unity3d.
  • Easy to use, as it is based on REST APIs.
  • Allow data transfer between various platforms, like web, iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.
Recommended Usages
  • Services requiring real-time data transfer with clients on various platforms.
  • Support of browsers which do not support Websocket.
  • Real-time data transfer to many users.
  • Simple channel-based multiplayer games.
(VAT not included)
Basic-Monthly Fixed ChargesBelow 1,000CCU200,000 Won/Month
Maximum Concurrent Users (CCU)1,000CCU or morePer 1CCU-190 Won/Month
Network Transfer Volume-Per 1GB-100 Won
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