TOAST Service is currently optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.


The Maps Service, as an API-based web map solution providing web map, integrated search, and route search, is optimized to develop products using the web map service.
SLA of the Maps Service is not guaranteed during the beta period.

Main Features
  • Use APIs for INAVI’s specified map, search, and street search, all at once.
  • Provide more than 150 functions, via web map API, including Move Map, Zoom-in/out, Point by Markers, Display Information Windows, Add Layers, Earth View/Satellite View, and Static Map.
  • The integrated search allows the search by building name, phone number, lot number (old address), and street (new address).
  • Provide fast and easy navigation service, with smart route search that reflects traffic information.
  • Allow map printing, including satellite maps, easily from the webpage, by using Map API.
  • Provide various search services, such as search by recommendations or facilities at lower ranks.
The Maps Service is provided free-of-charge during the beta period.
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