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Log & Crash Search ALPHA BETA

Log & Crash Search supports collecting logs of clients and servers to allow users to search and retrieve logs they want.
By collecting and analyzing reports on crashes occurred at mobile apps, information can be provided regarding various causes of crash occurrences.

Main Features
  • Remove the level of service influence due to large-volume logs occurred at a game server.
  • Gather errors occurred in all deployed clients at one place to retrieve and analyze.
  • Search fast logs of choice out of large volume and retrieve logs by pattern.
  • Monitor logs and crashes every five minutes.
  • Provide delete by service, retrieve/analyze logs by various log types.
  • Support errors, crash dumps, web application logs, and user-defined message type.
  • View log counts by project, host, log type, and log level, and check log trends at each time period via chart on a log search page.
  • Check is easy, as words that match queries are emphasized in logs.
Recommended Usages
  • Web logs, such as Apache and Tomcat, are collected by a large volume.
  • To view server logs without server access.
  • To collect logs that occur in apps deployed to users at one place.
  • To check trend of error logs occurred at a service.
Related Service
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API CallsBelow 100,000 callsFree0 Won
100,000 or morePer Call0.04 Won
Storage VolumeBelow 1GBFree0 Won
1GB or HigherAccumulated Usage Time per 1GB11 Won/Hour
  • Prices are calculated by the accumulated API calls and storage usage capacity of Log & Crash Search, Leaderboard IAP, Launching, and Address Search.
  • Prices for API calls are calculated on the accumulated monthly usage volume.
  • However, if the accumulated monthly call is less than 100,000 calls with lower than 1GB-storage usage, charges shall not be levied.
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