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App Analytics provide reliable forecasting data, on the basis of Forecasting Engine.
The A.R.T (Acquisition, Retention, and Transaction) Map shows the health status of a game at a glance and notifies what to do by automatically providing targets of major indicators.

Main Features
  • Provide a dashboard to easily identify the entire traffic and sales trend of a company, in real time.
  • Provide user indicators or sales indicators by level or phase, as well as funnel analysis to measure user achievement by phase.
  • Instantly detect major changes of a game by providing real-time indicators.
  • Compare and analyze users upon fragmented user group-based information for all indicators.
  • Provide Life Time Value (LTV) based on elaborately estimated rate of user existence, LTV+1 except cherry pickers, and Total Life Time Value (T-LTV) forecasting future value of a game.
  • Calculate LTV per marketing channel to provide precise Return on Add Spend (ROAS).
  • Automatically issue tracking URL to track users by channel and provide analysis on channel efficiency and user behavior.
  • Provide information on the users only who fit campaign purposes.
  • Provide a template to easily execute campaigns.
  • Analyze monitoring and performance after campaign execution.
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The App Analytics service is provided free-of-charge.
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