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Join TOAST, and you'll be rewarded with 200,000 won of credits!

For all new TOAST members who join after February 22, 2018,
200,000 credits shall be rewarded that are available for TOAST services.
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To receive credits,
register your payment method, first!

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Services that are available with 200 thousand won of credits

  • 40 Instances (as of u2.nano (1 Core/1 GB))
  • Network Traffic 2TB
  • 6.9TB Object Storage Volume (Network excluded)
  • Deliver 5,000,000 Push Cases
  • Deliver 20,000 SMS Cases
  • Deliver 400,000 Email Cases
  • Deliver 25,000 KakaoTalk Bizmessage Cases
  • You can use all TOAST services, including the above.

Event Notice for Credits

  • Members who already joined before February 22, 2018 cannot participate.
  • Credits are available to pay for all TOAST services for a year after rewarded.
  • The credit reward event is available for members who registered payment methods.
  • To pay the bills, credits shall be automatically deducted from the charged amount.
  • When the charged amount is larger than your credits, credits shall be paid off first,
    with the remaining balance to be paid.
  • your rewarded credits Go to [My Page > Credits]to check.

We support a wide variety of payment methods.

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